Casa Vallejo: Your Trendy Boutique Hotel in Baguio City

Are you still deciding where to stay in Baguio City?

Look no further than Casa Vallejo, your trendy and affordable boutique hotel in the heart of the city. We have cozy rooms, a gourmet restaurant, a specialty bookstore, and a world-class spa for you to make the most of your vacation up north.

A Modern Accommodation with Rich History

The original structure of our boutique hotel in Baguio has been standing for over a hundred years. It has seen both significant and subtle changes that have shaped the city. It has also seen countless faces of people who have, at some point, made the accommodation their home, even for only a couple of days.

We value the boutique hotel’s rich history but we also know how to keep up with the times. We’ve renovated throughout the years, giving guests nothing less than the best experience.

An Affordable and Accessible Place to Stay

Our affordable accommodation in Baguio City aims for the highest level of service. Guests who are on their honeymoon or family outings will enjoy the intimate and exclusive experience that we offer.

Given our central location, you have easy access to Burnham Park or SM Baguio. Restaurants and bars are also just a stone’s throw away.

Book your room at our boutique hotel in Baguio City, today.